Currier Museum of Art Bulletins


Currier Museum of Art Bulletins


The Currier Museum of Art Bulletins started as small monthly publications of exhibition information and gradually moved towards a larger publication produced once or twice a year. Spanning 1929 - 1994, the bulletins contain a variety of articles about artists and objects in the Currier Collection, acquisition notices, entertainments, and exhibition information.


Currier Museum of Art

Items in the Currier Museum of Art Bulletins Collection

Still Life: 20th Century; Contemporary American Painting; Children's Books, 1946-1950; Theme and Variations; Sculpture - In Time and Place; Sunday Programs

Designer-Craftsmen, 1953; Currier Art Center, 1952-1953; The Human Quality in Creative Experience; Daumier Lithographs; American Craftsmen; American Water Colors, Drawings, and Prints, 1952

George Lloyd, Yankee Scultpor; New Hampshire School Art; The Versatile Medium; Photographs by Eric M. Sanford; Weekday Events; Sunday Programs

Exhibitions; National Craft Show; Sunday Programs

Exhibitions; Sunday Programs