Currier Museum of Art Bulletins


Currier Museum of Art Bulletins


The Currier Museum of Art Bulletins started as small monthly publications of exhibition information and gradually moved towards a larger publication produced once or twice a year. Spanning 1929 - 1994, the bulletins contain a variety of articles about artists and objects in the Currier Collection, acquisition notices, entertainments, and exhibition information.


Currier Museum of Art

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Bulletin Spring 1994
Foreword and Acknowledgments; Morton Delson and the Kalil House The Making of a "Usonian Automatic"; Author's Note

Bulletin Spring/Fall 1990 The Currier Gallery of Art A History 1929-1989
Foreword and Acknowledgements; The New Museum; Moody and Hannah Currier; The Museum is Created; Early Programming; The Trustees; The Directorship of Maud Briggs Knowlton 1929-1946; The Directorship of Gordon M. Smith 1946-1955; The Directorship of…

Bulletin Fall 1989
Foreword and Acknowledgements; Joos van Cleve's Holy Family; Passion and Piety: Mattia Preti's Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew

Bulletin Fall, 1987
Walking Woman by Gaston Lachaise

Bulletin Spring, 1987
The Seine at Bougival by Claude Monet; Sleeping by William Rimmer

Bulletin Fall, 1986
The Black Hat by Lilla Cabot Perry

Bulletin Spring, 1986
The Vallarino Photography Collection

Bulletin Fall, 1985
The Elisha and Doris Camp Collection of Glass: A Recent Gift; Of Frogs and Folly: A Woodall Cameo Vase

Bulletin Spring, 1985
Master Prints from the Collection

Bulletin 1984
Double Take: Master Otis Barton and His Grandfather by William Merritt Chase; A Portrait of Bartholomew Van Dame by Joseph H. Davis
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