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Foreword and Acknowledgments; Morton Delson and the Kalil House The Making of a "Usonian Automatic"; Author's Note

Foreword and Acknowledgements; The New Museum; Moody and Hannah Currier; The Museum is Created; Early Programming; The Trustees; The Directorship of Maud Briggs Knowlton 1929-1946; The Directorship of Gordon M. Smith 1946-1955; The Directorship of…

Foreword and Acknowledgements; Joos van Cleve's Holy Family; Passion and Piety: Mattia Preti's Martyrdom of St. Bartholomew

Walking Woman by Gaston Lachaise

The Seine at Bougival by Claude Monet; Sleeping by William Rimmer

The Black Hat by Lilla Cabot Perry

The Vallarino Photography Collection

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The Elisha and Doris Camp Collection of Glass: A Recent Gift; Of Frogs and Folly: A Woodall Cameo Vase

Master Prints from the Collection

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Double Take: Master Otis Barton and His Grandfather by William Merritt Chase; A Portrait of Bartholomew Van Dame by Joseph H. Davis
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