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Painting -- Yonoff.jpg
Abstract composition in blue and green. Stationary attached to back with note: "Given to me by the artist Arthur Yonoff Spring, 1987" -- may be the gifted painting referred to in Yonoff’s letter to Doty dated April 27, 1987 (Robert M. Doty Records,…

A bare room with pillows on the floor, in which three people engaged in sexual acts with each other. Dated, signed at bottom right. Located in Box 1.

Mixed media -- Brown.jpg
Cowgirl with raised riding crop on a galloping horse. Signed on bottom edge "To Mac". Located in Box 2.

Middle-aged man and woman on porch of colonial-style house with six dogs. Notation on back: "5086 JESSIE TARBOX BEALS 120 E. 23d ST. N.Y." Located in Box 1.

Different view of porch from other Beals photograph — same woman holds puppy under "WELCOME" sign made out of birch branches. Notation on back: "5079 JESSIE TARBOX BEALS 120 E. 23d ST. N.Y." Located in Box 1.

Tattoo design -- St Clair 1.jpg
Tattoo design on wood panel of roaring lion flanked by American flags. Black border. Signed bottom right. Notation on mat: "purchased in Columbus, Ohio 1976, from the artist. The amount [$250.00] refers to the price for the completed tattoo". Located…

Tattoo design -- St Clair 2.jpg
Tattoo design on wood panel, probably with United States Navy in mind. Warship at center, flanked by mermaids and American flags. Anchor below; eagle above, with text: "Across the Equator." Signed bottom left. Located in Box 3.

Folio -- Haviland and de Zayas.jpg
Issue of arts magazine 291 (no. 7-8, September-October 1915). Introductions in English on the front cover, French on the back cover. Discoloration on the inside where the featured photo (Alfred Stieglitz's The Steerage) has been removed. Located in…

Drawing -- Malone.jpg
Circular drawing in pencil of nude woman, with a painted green border. Notation around outer edge: ""Tiny Alice" Artist's Proof Robert R Malone 1967". Located in Box 4.

Painting -- Mt Fuji.jpg
Snowy landscape with trees. A group of people look out from a pavilion on the left towards Mount Fuji, in the distance on the right. Notation in Japanese characters in top left corner. Located in Box 2.
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