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Museum of Fine Arts Overseas Tour 1960; European Trip 1961

Descriptive checklist with foreword.

Plot Plan; General Plan; Elevations; Sections; Roof Framing; Workspace Details; Millwork; Reflected Ceiling Plan; Heating & Plumbing

currier time lapse_edited fast.mp4
Time lapse video depicts Vivian Beer in her downtown Manchester, NH studio creating her work "Anchored Candy 8" commissioned bythe Currier Museum of Art.

Painting -- Mill in the woods.jpg
Watercolor of mill by forest stream, with title printed below. Label below: "Watercolor — circa 1880 / $5.00". Located in Box 4.

Poster -- Doctor Faust.jpg
Black and white image of a skull with a woman's naked torso overlaid on top (nipples as the skull's pupils). Text on front: The Yale Dramatic Association presentsThe Death of Doctor Faustby Michel de GhelderodeAn American PremiereNovember 18, 19, 20,…

Painting -- Mt Fuji.jpg
Snowy landscape with trees. A group of people look out from a pavilion on the left towards Mount Fuji, in the distance on the right. Notation in Japanese characters in top left corner. Located in Box 2.

zh historic structures_20141208135847.pdf
An architectural report on the history of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Zimmerman House, owned and operated by the Currier Gallery of Art.

A Portrait of Richard Varick by Henry Inman; Calico Market by Jerome Myers; The Bookshop

An exhibition description and list of labels.
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